this is how it ends

E  V  E  R  Y  T  H  I  N  G  goes.

"Okay, babe, here’s what I did. Tell me if this is appropriate for a kids’ song. I changed the lyrics in ‘Sex Hair’ to…"

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I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.

I have a  t h e o r y  that
                s e l f l e s s n e s s  and  b r a v e r y
                                                            aren’t all that  d i f f e r e n t .

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How to Make Groot Cupcakes 


GET TO KNOW ME MEME[1/10] pairings → andy + april

“The only thing that matters is that we found each other, right now, and it’s the best.”

"What I love about this scene is that, in the spirit of vulnerability of Cap, you really start to feel how alone he is, and isolated, and that his life is gone…he doesn’t know who he is."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier audio commentary by directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

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I feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack of 8 miles

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inspired by x and x (and the rest)

"[Helena] loves insanely and obsessively. And she…not falls in love with Sarah, but she does in a way. I don’t mean that in a sexual or romantic way, but she falls in love with Sarah and needs her deeply and feels this connection with her. Sarah awakens something in her, because she recognizes herself in her." -Tatiana Maslany

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